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Spay and Neuter

                                    Why Does Neutering Cost So Much?

When Ravenwood Veterinary Clinic opened in 1990, there were few options available to clients to have neutering procedures done for their pets. In an attempt to fill the void, RVC allowed IV catheters, fluids and pain medications to be optional. At this point in time there are multiple options open for client for low cost spays and neuters. Our approach to elective procedures now is that the client comes to us wanting to minimize the risks associated with these procedures. For our staff to perform this approach there must be IV catheters in place, fluids given to the patients during procedures and aggressive pain management used. RVC fully acknowledges that thousands of these low cost spays and neuters are performed with patients fully recovering and we applaud the groups that work so hard to decrease the unwanted pet population. We, however, provide these services in a manner that minimizes (nothing completely eliminates) risk.