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Senior Care

Senior pet care is important to provide the highest quality of care for our aging family members.   Bi-annual exams and yearly health screens allow the doctors to evaluate and identify diseases early, even if your pet is not showing signs of illness. 


Did you know that pets age approximately 6-7 years for every 1 human year?  This means that a bi-annual exam is the equivalent to you seeing your doctor every 3 years.  Most pets are considered to be seniors by the age of 6-7 years old.  Preventative diagnostic evaluations allow us to start early treatments to slow or cure disease and keep pets healthy longer. 


Did you know that approximately 15% of senior pets that appear healthy for routine visits have a disease that benefits from early disease detection and intervention?   Watch your senior pet for changes in behavior, eating, drinking, activity, presence of lumps or bumps and limping. Let your veterinarian know if you detect any of these changes with your senior four-legged family member.  


Click here for a short video about feline senior care.

Click here for a short video about canine senior care.